Computational analysis

BuroHappold’s Computational Analysis team are expert at utilising their Building Physics and analysis experience to give high level consultant advice, detailed analysis, and deliver solutions for a wide range of sector and technique based engineering problems.

Our involvement in a project from the outset means we can advise on any potential problems in the design, allowing our engineering team to take corrective action before construction costs are incurred. With building regulations becoming ever more stringent, our simulations make it possible to achieve maximum design flexibility so that compliance requirements – and our clients’ aspirations – can be met.

Freed from uncertainty about potential risks, architects and engineers are able to push forward the boundaries of building design, creating new forms of expression by taking advantage of the latest materials and construction methods. Our advanced analysis tools allow us to inform the design process to help deliver more integrated, economical and sustainable buildings that are also more comfortable to live and work in. We also offer an invaluable post-occupancy evaluation service which can help to reduce energy usage and enhance productivity through a better quality environment.

We continually review software to ensure we use only the most advanced and up-to-date analysis tools. Our in-house development capability means that we can provide an appropriate analysis strategy for each specific project, throughout all building sectors.

Key contact

David Kingstone

Associate Director

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