Coastal and marine

Key to all aspects of engineering coastal sites is consideration of the environmental aspects from materials, sustainability and ecology to low impact construction techniques and long-term maintenance requirements. Increasingly, climate change plays an important role in delivering projects, even when not adjacent to the coast, or a water course. During their lifecycles projects take into consideration increased flows, water levels, storminess, sea level rise and increasing surface water run off. Our team brings innovative design solutions to these primary challenges.

Our links within the industry and academia ensure that we are leaders in a rapidly developing industry. Our expertise extends to the use of a wide range of computer modelling tools, including HEC RAS, ISIS and Tuflow for Rivers, and CEDAS, DIVAST, TRIVAST and RMA models for coastal engineering. These technical packages are supported by a range of GIS platforms, interpretive software and presentation tools.

Our team delivers coastal engineering solutions from concept to completion. The coastal zone is a highly complex and sensitive environment that is in a constant state of change. Wave, current and tidal conditions can vary widely along short lengths of coastline and this means that substantial effort is required to define parameters for the design of coastal structures.

Introducing structures into a coastal zone can affect the balance of the physical environment. Breakwaters and groyne structures modify littoral drift characteristics and sediment transport along large stretches of coastline. The introduction of such structures can be used to great effect to improve coastal protection or create beaches for leisure and tourism.

We develop coastal management strategies and provide advice on the management and conservation of the coastline. This covers the assessment of alongshore/littoral drift including accretion and erosion patterns to beach design, nourishment and maintenance and the design of breakwaters, revetments and rip rap protection. We design jetties, quay walls, reclamations and other coastal structures.

Our coastal expertise includes the following services:

  • Analysis of wave, current and storm surge
  • Analysis of wave impact forces, overtopping and wave run up
  • Specification and management of physical and numerical modelling

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