The enduring principles set out by our founding partner Sir Edmund ‘Ted’ Happold were care, value and elegance. We still adhere to this ethos today, offering a full range of engineering services and expertise to meet your project needs and create truly inspirational world class buildings and environments around the world.

With offices located around the world and a number of new operations planned in the near future we have a truly global reach and a presence in the majority of the world's construction markets. We split our business operations into four major regions; Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia-Pacific and India. 

We believe that it is this ‘local’ presence that helps us to go that step further working closely with our clients to deliver innovative, cutting edge solutions that take into consideration ‘local’ factors such as culture, legislation, climate and materials. This consideration for the rich tapestry of local markets makes an enormous difference to the projects we work on and in the process makes a great project an amazing project.


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Artists for Humanity



Artists for Humanity Creative Industries EpiCenter in Boston is a new and expanded multi-use building that is expected to be the largest Energy Positive (E+) commercial building in New England, meaning it will generate more...

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In recent years China has become one of Germany’s most important economic partners. While there seems to be no end in sight to the Chinese growth story, the country is facing economic and social challenges: the high grow

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