When you think of a building, a masterplan or a regeneration project, water resource management sits at the forefront of the design process as a key element.

However challenging the project or environment is, our water engineering specialists are skilled at finding innovative solutions to the most complex problems. Our fresh approach to flood mitigation, river and coastal engineering, water resources and waterfront developments have helped us engage with the client to bring their vision and aspirations to life. Sensitive and sustainable planning is fundamental to our approach.

Our specialist engineers provide the necessary expertise to deliver both high quality products whilst also supporting our wider design teams to innovate – fostering creativity and ensuring sound engineering.

Our links within the industry and academia ensure that we are at the forefront of our field in a rapidly developing industry.

Our skill sets and knowledge include the following:

  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Hydrological and Hydraulic Modelling 
  • Temporary & Permanent Flood Defence 
  • Coastal Structure design (breakwaters, harbours and beach management structures etc.) 
  • Marina Planning and Design 
  • Amenity coastal edge design 
  • Water Quality modelling 
  • Groundwater and hydrogeological modelling 
  • Water balance assessment 
  • Marine Environmental monitoring 
  • Sediment Transport Modelling 
  • 2D and 3D Hydrodynamic Modelling
  • River wall survey and remediation Historic structures restoration (lakes, canals, harbours, control structures etc)

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