Lake Bunyonyi Community School

  • Lake Bunyonyi Community School construction
  • Lake Bunyonyi Community School inside the frame
  • Lake Bunyonyi Community School view

This lecture area and dining hall is the latest building project for the Lake Bunyonyi Community School located a remote area of Uganda. Working for the Richard Feilden Foundation and the Happold Trust this simple structure was designed and constructed by BuroHappold with the expert construction help of Charley Brentnall. Utilising locally sourced round pole eucalyptus timber, the structure adopts a 'reciprocal' form of construction for the back to basics design for the roof.  The foundations and retaining structures are constructed from a combination of in situ concrete and locally produced handmade bricks.

Read more about the project and the Happold Trust's  involvement with the school.

Key facts

  • Designed and constructed by BuroHappold
  • BuroHappold's Neil Harvey spent 12 months in Uganda
  • Eucalyptus poles cut from surrounding hillside used as primary structural timber

The Project Details

BuroHappold services: Structural engineering, civil engineering