Kongsberg Kunnskaps - og kulturtorget

  • Kongsberg Knowledge and Cultural Square Hasbergvei Entrance
  • Kongsberg Knowledge and Cultural Square Interior
  • Kongsberg Knowledge and Cultural Square Municipal Library Interior
  • Kongsberg Knowledge and Cultural Square Valley

The new Kunnskap- og kulturtorget project focuses on the centre of Kongsberg, a town famed for it’s silver mines and Norwegian Royal Mint west of Oslo, Norway.

In homage to the history of silver and armaments production, the ‘Silver Factory’ concept creates a modern factory of culture, knowledge and public life which will be the first step in reviving Kongsberg’s historic west side and consolidating a disparate city centre with active public spaces and facilities.

The project comprises a cultural and teaching building totalling approximately 24,000m² and includes space within the masterplan for future expansion of other functions, such as student housing, sports facilities and businesses.

With a dark, rugged exterior that opens up to a warm and luminous interior, the Silver Factory brings together a variety of educational and cultural functions in an impressive learning arena that frames views of the unique Kongsberg surroundings. The different functions are stacked and overlapped to offer both maximum efficiency and flexibility and at the same time create an open public forum that will sparkle with the synergy and fusion of Kongsberg’s intertwining new silver: knowledge and culture.

Steel trusses spanning from concrete cores provide the large, open, column free spaces and the dramatic exterior cantilevers. The low-energy, integrated indoor climate strategy makes use of ground source energy, solar collectors and controlled daylight. These techniques, coupled with high levels of insulation and airtightness will ensure that the building energy consumption will be well below that required by future Norwegian building regulations.

Key facts

  • 24,000m2
  • Low energy integrated engineering strategy

The Project Details

Client: Kongsberg City Council

Architect: Mecanoo Architecten in association with Code Arkitektur

BuroHappold services: Mechanical & electrical installations, structural engineering, facade engineering, fire engineering, lighting consultancy, energy and indoor climate