KAMA Tri-City Integrated Masterplan

  • KAMA Tri-City Integrated Masterplan Berezniki 2
  • KAMA Tri-City Integrated Masterplan Berezniki 3
  • KAMA Tri-City Integrated Masterplan Berezniki
  • KAMA Tri-City Integrated Masterplan Masterplan

The Kama Tri-City region is one of the major industrial centres in Russia. It sits upon 30% of the world’s potash resources, a key fertiliser, and also holds metals, oil and gas reserves. It should be a buoyant area. All the major businesses together with new players have plans for expansion. Instead it is suffering from a declining working-age population and increasing proportion of elderly residents.

The inability to retain and attract residents is due to a number of complex and interrelated issues. The area is relatively remote. It is over 1,000 miles from Moscow. It has some deep rooted environmental and socio-economic problems stemming from past industrial and mining activities. Its economic base is relatively narrow, limiting opportunities for young people. A significant majority of the infrastructure and housing stock have passed their natural lifespan. These problems are compounded by large sinkholes and subsidence, which has caused a climate of fear and mistrust among the residents with local government and employers.

A new direction and strategy is required for the region. A strategy that delivers better infrastructure, transport, housing, social facilities and the general public realm.

An integrated approach to the masterplanning process will be taken to address these, the wider economic issues and the environmental damage caused to the local ecosystems by industry. Any resulting regeneration and redevelopment solution must also be sensitive to the continued and expanding mining operations.

Key facts

  • A masterplan to create a more liveable city region of Berezniki, Solikamsk and Usolye in the Russian Ural mountains
  • Area rich in natural resources, in particular Potash
  • Suffering from a declining population despite an increasing demand for workers
  • Attempts to hold onto and attract workers are complicated by large sinkholes in the settlements caused by mining

The Project Details

Client: Uralkali and Perm Regional Government

Architect: KK Architects

BuroHappold services: Integrated Development Planning

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