Atwater Bridge

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The crossing at Atwater Park will be the first new pedestrian bridge to be built across the Los Angeles River in almost 20 years. Implemented as a public private partnership comprised of private donations, managed and built by the LA River Corporation and ultimately owned by the City, the 300 foot cable stay steel span is unique in its geometry in that the 140 foot tall pylon and cable system supporting the bridge is leaning forward over the deck structure and tensioned back to the river bank. Sited next to a major interstate highway, the strong visual dynamic of this composition gives the bridge the appearance of leaping across the river.

Beyond accommodating equestrian, bicycle and pedestrian uses, The crossing is critical to the accessibility and connectivity in this part of the City. It will accommodate equestrian, pedestrian and bicycle uses and be a critical link to Griffith Park and the numerous riding stables found in the Atwater area. Additionally, by linking the LA River bicycle trail and the Greenway trail with access to Atwater and the North Atwater Park, an entire string of neighborhoods will have access to Griffith Park and the west side of the highway.

Key facts

  • Pedestrian bridge
  • 300' cable stay steel span
  • 140' tall pylon and cable system support

The Project Details

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Client: Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation

BuroHappold services: Bridge design