Aino Mina Development

  • Aino Mina Friday Mosque
  • Aino Mina Green Fingers
  • Aino Mina Park Avenue

The Aino Mina concept is for a peaceful environment where people can experience the beauty and tranquility of nature. Situated in the province of Kandahar, the site land rises gently so that the Friday mosque seen against the backdrop of the mountains bordering the Arghandab valley, creates a powerful and beautiful symbol for the entire development.

The park is the centre of the masterplan and can be thought of as the trunk of a tree that structures the entire development. Water cascades down the slope and through the park in a series of relaxing and cooling water features. A wide pedestrian pathway ‘green-finger’ crosses the park and links the functional centres formed by the school to the west and the healthcare centre to the east. Four other wide pathways lead from the central park to local neighbourhood mosques and community centres for each of the four main districts. The houses in these neighbourhoods can be accessed by car but it is possible for people to walk across the entire development without encountering the interruption and noise of traffic. In depth: Sustainability Kandahar is a unique place with unique sustainable development challenges.

The 6 core sustainable development objectives are:

  1. Create a flexible, vibrant and viable development.
  2. Improve health, wellbeing and quality of life of residents.
  3. Mitigate and adapt to local climate.
  4. Minimise waste and use of finite resources.
  5. Work within, and enhance, natural environmental systems.
  6. Provide an integrated, resilient transport network.

Aino Mina will be a development which is both culturally and contextually appropriate. It will facilitate the fast emerging Afghan economy, generating over 2000 new homes. The development will become an iconic exemplar project within Afghanistan. It will set a precedent for subsequent developments in the region. The winning of this award will ensure Afghanistan gains deserved international recognition for a quality development.

Key facts

  • Park is the centre of the masterplan
  • Will generate over 2,000 new homes

The Project Details

Client: Private sector

Architect: Aedas