Soaring to new heights at One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center Beacon

03/05/2013 Written by: Kelli Hardiman

One World Trade Center marked another pivotal milestone recently when it hoisted the top two sections of the 408 ft steel spire to a temporary position atop the tower. BuroHappold’s New York facades team is the facade engineer for the cladding elements of the antenna portion of the spire structure which is composed of a combination of triangulated stainless steel and glass panels.

The cladding for the 66 ft high antenna structure is conical in shape with a maximum 9' diameter at the base tapering to a point with a lightning rod at the top and light fixtures mounted inside the spire cavity. When the beacon spire is permanently installed, it will raise the height of the 104 floor One World Trade Center to 1,776 ft, making it the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere when completed.

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