Deutsche Bahn launches new mobility card for Berlin

Berlin mobility card

19/12/2012 Written by: Birgit Hirschmann/ Gill Sincock

Berlin’s residents, commuters and visitors are now able to benefit from a new sustainable mobility scheme which will enable them to book and pay for national and urban public transport using just one card. Launched this month in the German capital, BahnCard25 mobil plus combines four different multi-modal mobility services:  Flinkster car sharing, the Call a Bike rental scheme, the city’s local public transport services and in addition a discount of 25% on standard fare rail journeys.

One card, four modes of transport

Spearheaded by Germany’s national railway, Deutsche Bahn, it is hoped that the mobility card, which links up national and local public transport providers in Berlin, will greatly increase the use of public transport, and car and bike sharing schemes. One of the key aims of this pilot project is to stimulate the use of CO² reduced mobility options and ultimately help cities become cleaner, quieter and more spacious places to work, live and visit.

Costing € 79 BahnCard25 mobil plus will be valid for 12 months. In addition to the 25% discount on long distance train travel, its benefits include a monthly credit of €25 on car sharing and bike rental schemes in Berlin and across Germany resulting in a combined discount that could add up to over €300 for the year.

Benefits of the card include;

  • 25% discount on Deutsche Bahn train tickets across Germany
  • Use of the Deutsche Bahn owned Flinkster car sharing scheme available in 140 cities across Germany and boasting a fleet of over 350 cars in Berlin
  • Use of the Call a Bike scheme with over 8,500 bikes in more than 40 ICE stations across Germany; 1,250 of which are available in Berlin
  • Optional use of the card as an e-ticket when buying a monthly all inclusive ticket for local Berlin public transport including bus, subway, urban trains and trams

Energy from regenerative sources

From April 2013 all BahnCard customers will be able to travel on transport options which use energy from 100% regenerative sources. This will take account of 75% of Deutsche Bahn’s long distance travel and will increase as more Bahn Card customers join the scheme. In addition all electric e-Flinkster cars will run on energy also provided by regenerative sources. Following the initial 12 month pilot scheme it is hoped that the card will have proved popular enough for other German cities to take part in the mobility model.

Berthold Huber, CEO of Deutsche Bahn Fernverkehr AG, said “The new BahnCard25 mobil plus mobility card enables our customers to put their travel costs on one card, as well as combining national and urban transport systems for the very first time.

“In the future we will not only offer our customers the most sustainable way to travel but also tailor their travel to their individual needs to provide the most user friendly mobility option possible. An additional benefit of the scheme is the increased adaptability of those multi-modal mobility concepts involved, enabling easier adaptation to challenging future transport policies.”

Dr. Wilfried Kramer, of local public transport provider Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe added “We are very happy to work together with the Deutsche Bahn and hope the card will prove a catalyst for a new sustainable transport system that will win new and regular customers for local public transport.”

The BahnCard25 mobil plus scheme is a result of a five million Euro research project Berlin elektromobil 2.0 (BeMobility 2.0), financed by Germany’s Ministry of Transportation (BMVBS). BuroHappold is one of the partners involved in the research project developed under the lead of the Deutsche Bahn which looked at developing new innovative concepts for future orientated CO² free urban mobility. The project is coordinated by the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ).

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