BuroHappold calls for new thinking to solve ‘the downdraught effect’

20/07/2015 Written by Dr Bernardo Vazquez

Dr Bernardo Vazquez, BuroHappold’s leading expert in Wind Engineering and Sarah Cropley, Director reflect on the need to place people at the heart of how buildings are designed and cities planned.

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The Venue of Value 2015

20/07/2015 Written by Mark Phillip

Representatives from BuroHappold were joined in Manchester by a selection of culture sector leaders to debate The Venue of Value

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Health and wellbeing in buildings

11/06/2015 Written by Trevor Keeling

BuroHappold Engineering cares about designing quality workplaces; healthier environments foster happier occupants who are more productive for the businesses for which they work. However, how do we quantify this? Following on...

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Reviewing the British Council for Offices Conference 2015

10/06/2015 Written by Andy Keelin

Andy Keelin, Director at BuroHappold reflects on 2015 British Council for Offices conference held for the first time in Chicago, Illinois. Bringing together leading and influential figures from both sides of the Atlantic, the...

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Open letter to PM David Cameron 10.06.15

10/06/2015 Written by Duncan Price, Director for Sustainability

Duncan Price, Director for Sustainability at BuroHappold provides his view on the open letter to the PM published in today’s Financial Times. Working with WWF-UK and 80 other UK businesses including Cisco, E.on, John...

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Green Sky Thinking


We have not hosted Green Sky Thinking before so it was always going to be an interesting week.

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Cornwall Energy Island: Channelling Cornish passion for independence


What if new ways could be found of using Cornwall’s natural resources to generate profits? What if these profits could benefit the many as well as the few?

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Proud to be a principal author of the CIBSE Integrated School Design manual

22/04/2015 Written by Mike Entwisle

BuroHappold Engineering is proud to be a principal author of the CIBSE Integrated School Design manual, which was launched last week in London. Using our experience from over 100 schools, new and...

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How simpler software can produce better buildings

26/03/2015 Written by Andy Keelin

The relationship between engineering and architecture is a changing one. Wren (and others) of course combined both disciplines in a single mind but since then we have seen an evolving symbiotic relationship. There are clear roles...

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