What is the best type of building for collaborative research?

29/04/2016 Written by Mike Entwisle

The image we used to have of big scientific research is something that could double as the villain’s lair in a James Bond movie ­– brutal, impenetrable, and heavily gated. Not all science was like that but a lot of it,...

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Must Cities Grow to Compete?

14/04/2016 Written by Jim Coleman, Head of Economics

Jim Coleman, Head of Economics at BuroHappold Engineering reflects on his role of Chair during last week’s ‘City Conversation’: Must Cities Grow to Compete? A big question that really struck a major chord with the energised, capacity crowd made up of diverse cross-section of attendees at the event hosted by the Happold Foundation.

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Dan Nicholls on why Cornwall's journey to energy independence has already begun

11/04/2016 Written by Dan Nicholls, Principal Development Officer at Cornwall Council

In the second of our Energy Independence blogs, Dan Nicholls, Principal Development Officer, Cornwall Council, reflects on how the approach to the Cornwall Energy island initiative continues to support the region’s energy ambitions

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Painting a picture of future museum funding options

07/04/2016 Written by Frances Critchlow, head of integrated marketing

BuroHappold Engineering is researching the future funding of museums, examining topics such as the public’s response to the cuts, various options for the use of museum space.

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Energy Independence: A Planetary Prescription

04/04/2016 Written by Hugh Montgomery, UCL Professor of Intensive Care Medicine

As a practicing doctor, I am trained to understand disease causation, or ‘pathogenesis’. I am also trained to recognise disease which, if allowed to progress, may threaten life. Whilst it might take a series

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Food for thought - Why changing the way we regulate our utility networks would have a profound effect on our regional economies

21/03/2016 Written by Gavin Thompson

If you want to know how simple, low cost, easy to implement changes in regulation could have big benefits for regional, city and community economies you need to understand the place Distribution Network...

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Why we all need a Collaboratorium now

12/03/2016 Written by Andrew Comer

Recently a renowned group of academic, government and industrial representatives gathered at Caius College in Cambridge to begin the task of setting the road-map for an ambitious research programme to support the UK’s long-term...

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Rift between fans and clubs opens opportunity for better stadium design

09/03/2016 Written by Christopher Shrubshall, senior engineer

Football match ticket prices have been in the headlines again recently, with Liverpool’s proposals to increase their most expensive ticket price from £59 to £77, reigniting the debate.

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Hayden Nuttall to speak at Vertical Cities on Challenging Complexity – Embracing the Difficult


Hayden Nuttall, director at BuroHappold in Hong Kong will be speaking at the 5th Annual Vertical Cities event at 11.40 on the 8th March on the topic of 'Challenging Complexity – Embracing the Difficult' and will include a range of key themes.

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Constructing the Xiqu Centre – an uplifting story

04/03/2016 Written by Tom Kember, associate

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