Can Technology Replace Sticky Notes?

12/11/2015 Written by Sabina Uffer

Our NY Cities team discuss technology and community engagement

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Innovative real estate lending solutions within an evolving economic landscape

06/11/2015 Written by Jim Coleman, Head of Economics

Hosted in partnership with Intelligence Forums, influential players in London real estate, finance, and construction world gathered to listen to presentations by Colin Sanders, CEO of Omni Capital and Dr Jim Coleman, Head of Economics for BuroHappold.

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The Future of Work – what does it mean for London?

06/11/2015 Written by Jim Coleman, Head of Economics

How will we work in the future? Technology is changing things very quickly – faster than we can get our heads around - both the content of what we do for a living and how we do it.

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All hail the shipping container

19/10/2015 Written by Philip Bates

We take a look at the humble shipping container and its impact on infrastructure and economics

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HS2 and Euston – When not making a decision is the right thing to do

28/09/2015 Written by Philip Bates, head of economic infrastructure, cities.

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Celebrating 20 years of BuroHappold in Berlin

25/09/2015 Written by Martin Strewinski

Our Berlin office is celebrating its 20th anniversary, but BuroHappold Engineering’s connection to Germany predates the company’s founding almost forty years ago. In acknowledgement of his passion for Germany the company’s...

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BuroHappold on World Green Building Week

22/09/2015 Written by Anthony Davies

To mark World Green Building Week this September, we look back on the most prominent green buildings that we’ve helped make a reality. We’ve also been highlighting one of our projects every day in our mini-series on <link...

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BuroHappold calls for new thinking to solve ‘the downdraught effect’

20/07/2015 Written by Dr Bernardo Vazquez

Dr Bernardo Vazquez, BuroHappold’s leading expert in Wind Engineering and Sarah Cropley, Director reflect on the need to place people at the heart of how buildings are designed and cities planned.

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The Venue of Value 2015

20/07/2015 Written by Mark Phillip

Representatives from BuroHappold were joined in Manchester by a selection of culture sector leaders to debate The Venue of Value

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